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Am looking for a tire and tube for a Rizzato Califfo deluxe 1978 rear tire.

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I am looking for a rear tube and tire for a 1978 Rizzato Califfo deluxe,also need a back brake cable & pedals and aarms so I don't have to keep running and pushing to get it started.

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What size ?


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I'm sorry about that Iwrote the add twice and still forgot to put the size down.What I need is 20"x2.25.


The size I need is 20"x2.25.


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20x2.25 is pretty big for moped wheels, that's more into cycle territory, BUT...I think I can venture some assitance.

Cheng Shin, and their american counterpart Maxxis tire&rubber company, make some very very nice tires in a multitude of sizes, and since they make them in moped sizes as well, it's very likely that you can find what you need in thier stock, I shall have a look myself, and maybe post the results.

As for tubes, believe it or not, I've gotten excellent performance out of BELL self-sealing bicycle tubes by buying them 1-2 inches oversize, but I am not so sure they'd fill out a 2.25 tire...I've only gone up to 2.125 on those, still, it's worth a try.



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Ok, site address is.

The tire you want is under BICYCLE, and is part #TB35786000

Known as the "Maxx Daddy" and it's a pretty good tire, tho the tread is more aimed at motorcross than street use.

They run $15.99 USD each, which is pretty good fer pricing.

As for tubes, if they need tubes (might be tubeless), try askin Maxxis, or going with the BELL self-sealing.

Best of luck,


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