$250-$600 for a new transmission??

i have a tomos targa lx, and recently, a bearing or some thing broke in the transmission. Apparently, it took a chunk of metal out of the seal betweeen the transmission, and part the the crankshaft is in. I got an estimate of 250 if he can fix the seal, and 600, if he has to get a new trannsmission case. I really dont know what to do at this point.

RE: $250-$600 for a new transmission??

try and find a parts engine, call akron mopeds, and see if they have a used one, or try and and find a trashed out tomos to buy as a parts bike. then, if you feel comfortable doing the repair yourself get a manual and just get to it. you can get a whole new moped for 600 bucks , that seems a bit high.


RE: $250-$600 for a new transmission??

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Sounds like you have been shopping in the wrong places. From your descrition it sounds as though your rh main bearing or the one way roller clutch (looks like a bearigng) have dammaged the rh seal and or the pocket that the seal sets into.. Worst case scenerio you would need a new set of engine casings(new, they are only sold as a pair), all of the seals and gaskets you are looking at under $160.00 for new and about $75.00 in parts if you go with just a used right hand case and all nw seals and gaskets. . Any respectable repair shop would charge about $100.00 to do the installation . Bearings and such will add somewhat to the price but any dealer that offers to do $600.00 worth of work to your engine is Either incompetent or a rapist.



RE: $250-$600 for a new transmission??

Man, for $600 I can get a 5-geared racing engine (without piston cylinder and head) for my Honda SS50.

Those oilseals only cost a few bucks a piece, a brandnew Daytona 4-gear racing gearbox costs about $200 so a simple Mobylette gearbox should be less and installing a new gearbox will take no more than 3 hours of work ... $45 an hour plus $200 in parts ... $335 for a complete new gearbox installed with new oilseals.

You're being ripped off!

RE: $250-$600 for a new transmission??

u know what i'd do slick selll ur tomos as a part bike and get a nice reliable cheep puch then when or if it breaks u wont feel bad about fixing cuz u wouldnt have wasted money on buying a broken bike that and puch's are less complicated

RE: $250-$600 for a new transmission??

Yeah, but a puch cant go 60 mph, like my tomos can.

RE: $250-$600 for a new transmission??

wanna bet?

RE: $250-$600 for a new transmission??

the only way a puch MIGHT go that fast, is if it had the 2 speed tranny, a 27 tooth sprocket, and a bore kit, a rider that weighs like 60 pounds, and all the luck in the world. I'm not saying that a puch cant go 60, but i think it is very unlikey.

RE: $250-$600 for a new transmission??

umm no i have my baffels out it leaned out good i weigh 110lbs and a 29 tooth sprocket

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