don-ohio/ Mileage contest

I gave up on the mileage contest (although I did note mine....)

I knew between Ree and Don, I wouldn't stand a chance.

But I still think it would be a neat idea to note your mileage on, say, June 1st, and report back late august/early september.

That would give us some great info about what kind of miles people are putting on... without making people feel like they aren't doing enough riding.

I had 200 miles even on my moped when I bought it, about a month ago--- I'm getting up over 500 now---

Personally, I'd like to see what I do in a summer--- although I have a feeling the frequent 'pack rides" in K-mazoo must rack up miles pretty quickly (or is that 'slowly..heheh).

Anyway, Don's away, but we could still plan some kind of mileage tracker or something, just for the fun of it.

Maybe post a "before" and "after" photo of your odometer--- just don't use photoshop or a power drill, sneaky pete.



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