Another relay post from don-ohio

Hey,Simon! Please relay this message:.... As you can

tell,I'm still blocked off your forum by this

aggravating PC at work. Yeah,I miss talkin' to

everyone and getting educated on mopeds as only your

forum can do. Maybe I'll get to a library and be able

to participate with the forum a little.I am working on

getting a cheap PC for the house as a `stop-gap'

measure(thanks to Kevin Gaffey) until I can go totally wireless. Tell Wayne I enjoyed his post and I'm working on mounting that other MO2 on my other Sebring. I am still able to access `Expressly Mopeds' and forums, but after tonight I'm off for 4 days again.(Look-out mileage record!) Here's miserable ME missing all you great guys/gals! Thanks to Simon for relaying this. Cheers! Don-ohio

Re: Another relay post from don-ohio

Don is "da bomb"

I certainly hope he's back soon.

Re: Another relay post from don-ohio

DON, bite the bullett and get yourself a pc!! and quit this messin around!!!! Or......we will have to leave for Florida without ya !!!!

Don-Oh is actually Homer Simpson ??

I mean he works in a Nuclear power plant and all .... mmmmmmm ?


He actually knows how to use a computer unlike

Homer. Fred So where do you come off calling

him Homer 'cause Homer has no Incite into

computers and Don is the greatest. When you

talk bad about him you talk bad about the

moped army. Don Rules The Moped Army rules

and We Shall Swarm And Destroy.

-R O B

Hey Doofus

Go get a dictionary and look up the word humor .

Fred I wasn't saying humor it's Homer


Grow up

-R O B

Re: Don-Ohio

Ron Brown /


Re: Fred I wasn't saying humor it's Homer

Ron Brown /

Double DOH!!!

Re: Don-Ohio

Easy there, little fella. You're workin' up a froth.

Re: Don-Ohio

I think he's "thrown a rod" by running his little brain well past redline a few too many times...

Re: Fred I wasn't saying humor it's Homer

gimmyjimmy /

Re: Picking on Don

We pick on Don when He's here-- just because he's gone doesn't mean we can't tool on him.

Just think of how red his face will be when he reads two months of "back-posts" taunting him, and his little reactor.....


But, if you're not "Down with Don" you better not give him crap, or the moped army will come down on you like a sledge.

It's interesting, that some of the most active posters aren't even members--- as far as I know, Fred, Don, Doug D, Myself, and Ree aren't even members---!

I think Ree did finally get into one of the Army clubs--- can't remember. I think it was a result of his move.

So, as long as it's in good fun, I think we can make fun of Don, even if he's not here. Just don't be suprised when a weather-beaten Don-Ohio rides 2500 miles to do a few laps around your living room.

Re: Picking on Don

Ron Brown /


Please note that "The Moped Army rules and We Shall Swarm And Destroy" R O B is not a member either. The major difference is, he tried, we didn't.


Re: Don-Ohio (R.O.B.)


as a relative newbie, I think YOU need to "grow up". Fred and I have had a lot of conversations with Don, and I've been invited to stay at Don's house if I'm in the area.

It's good that you respect Don, his knowledge and his contributions to the forum----

But, I don't know if you should be "wise assing" to Fred, who is a friend of Don and knows more about small engines than anyone on this forum.

Back to a question I think Duckster asked-- why are your posts worded like the text you get with virus hoax alerts?

Also, What is your name an acronym for anyway? Tell us, or I'll make one up. R.O.B. That's plenty to work with.

Besides all that, I think Don is more like Mr. Burns than Homer. Homer runs the reactor, I think Don manages the facility.

Now, wise up, respect the elders, or I shall taunt you with even greater intensity.

Excellent, Smithers.

Re: Don-Ohio (R.O.B.)

Ron Brown /


Should we transplant this thread to and let Don defend himself?

Somehow, I suspect R O B would not last long.


Re: Don-Ohio (R.O.B.)

Wayne wrote:


> Back to a question I think Duckster asked-- why are your

> posts worded like the text you get with virus hoax alerts?

that was me! haha..

everytime i see a post from someone in WI (they all seem to type like that) i get all scared.


Rider of Bicycle? Reaction of Baby? Risking Online Beating?

Really Off Base? Really Outlandish Behavior? Rude Obnoxious Boy?

Re: Acronym

Steve-- great post. I laughed my ass off.

Re: Acronym

To A all your Q'S

I have my text that way so you know its

me and not someone else if I should

change it tell me.

As for the R O B thats for Right Of

Branch and Rob is the name on my

birth certificate. If anyone has wants

me to change my ways and how I can

improve my status just tell me how

I am willing to change. Just give me

a Post mail or reply.


Re: Acronym

Dude, you are totally spent.

I've never seen anything like it!

Are you on medication? How old are you?

I'm trying to give you the benefit of the doubt.....

the "R O B" vs. Rob thing--- weird. I'm trying to get an angle on you, figure out what kind of nut i'm dealing with.

Do you really think it's a "Great Idea" for us all to draw pictures of imaginary mopeds to post here??

You are simply out of your mind!

Re: Acronym


Re: Acronym

oh wait.. I'll have to email him that..

sniffles I'm not a member either..

oh and one last thng to think about... does it not scare anyone that the coputers in a nuclear plant are messing up... if they wont even go to a homepage.. LoL

grabs his bottled water, beef jerky and a porno mag.. and heads down to the bunker

Beat on the brat with a baseball bat.

Why are you all ganging up on Rob like this? I mean, he was trying to say good things of Don, and just because it didn't come out as eloquently as someone else might have said it for the situation doesn't mean you should come out and bluntly call him a "Doofus". I can see where he got a little upset about that. You could have politely told him it's all in good fun. Everyone seems to really be singleing out the Fresh Air Brigade in the forums and giving them a hard time. They're just as intense of moped enthusiasts as any of us. I talk to some of them on AOL IM almost every night.

Let's all realize that any fun poking in the forums should be meant in FUN! otherwise, it just starts to get out of hand and feelings get hurt.

Re: Beat on the brat with a baseball bat.

Thanks Brandon,

Of course its all fun but when feelings get hurt

People go over board. When you get to know a

person outside the forum they can be pretty

good friends. I know you guys like to have fun.

I'm okay with that but pushing it all at the FAB

I feel as if you just are oput for us. Please Don't

judge. I mean just cant we all just get along.

- R O B at aol NMMCrhmopedarmy

Re:well said

sorry if I was mean Rob--- you seem like an easy target-- no offense--

it's cool--- I'll be nicer---

didn't mean to be so coarse,

Re: Don-Ohio (R.O.B.)

Ron, Do you remember when I almost kicked your ass because you tried to belittle me on here once? :) Hahaha.

Swarm and Destroy Ronnie! See you at the BBQ!

Well said, buuut......

Oh, C'mon...Jeeez. Hurt feelings? By what we've been saying on this thread? <shaking head ruefully> Man. I'm really sorry if it offended or hurt anyones feelings but we're all just having fun here.

A word of caution though, If anyone's feelings are truly hurt by what is said in an online forum then they are potentially in for a rough life.

So R. O. B. types a

little weird.

And Don-O has spilled a Dr Pepper on his keyboard and caused a chain reaction meltdown. (Dammit, that was almost full!)

And Wayne is a real meanie-bo-beanie.

Hey, Duck...Hand me a SlimJim...did'ya see the girl on page thirty? Yeah, the one with the.......

Re: Don-Ohio (R.O.B.)

Ron Brown /


You don't scare me!

Yea though I ride through the shadow of the valley of death, I shall fear no evil for Ree is riding with me.

: )


Re: Another relay post from don-ohio

Simon King /

Here's another followup from Don -

Hi,Simon! THANKS for the invite! I'm still blocked off

your forum so you guys are getting quite a rest from

my long-winded ramblings and corny humor.Ha! I've been

dying to post some info. on your great forum,but I was

mopeding so much,I didn't have time to go down to the library.Would you tell Wayne I had 3 nice trips Fri.,Sat.,&Sun. totaling 312 miles? I think he may be keeping score.Also,I've been dying to tell Ron Brown that I tried his countersteering time and time again on the 240 mi. trip to Columbus,OH a while back(I lined the moped tires up on the centerline and with no traffic around,performed the maneuvers),and though the `countersteering' works,it lets the moped `slip' slightly to the wrong direction before correcting the problem.Whereas,the `knee flick' INSTANTLY corrects your course and has no drawbacks.Looking forward to chatting with all of you guys/gals when i get my home PC.Thanks for relaying any of this,Simon! See ya!

Don-ohio (:^)

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