Puch Speed Kit?

Wheres the best place to buy a puch speed kit? Steves? Mopedsonline? Mopedjunkyard? The prices are pretty similar and with shipping I dont see any difference really. Im looking for the most reliable and quickest place to order them from.

Anyone have any advice?



RE: Puch Speed Kit?

I'm selling mine. It is in band new condition. Check it out in the buy/sell section.

RE: Puch Speed Kit?

Nick- I.M.O., I used to think Steve's Moped in N.J. was the best place around- They would answer your questions on the phone, seemed knowledgeable, and appeared to have about the same prices as anybody else. But if you have a problem with one of their products, WATCH OUT! They are not very good in the public relations area, to say the least. I.E.:, they advertised a part for one price on their website, then charged me a higher price and refused to make an adjustment when I questioned it, I finally had to start a chargeback with my credit card co. Very time consuming. Use them for info, if you must, then order from someone else. I've had other problems with them too. It's important for my fellow 'Pedders to know, FYI.

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