street legal/registration ca q

hi. i just built a bike with a 3 horse bns engine and would like to ride in the bike lane. what does my bike need to be registered and all legal with the dmv. it is really low. like an inch off the ground. n would that be a problem?

im sittin on it and im pretty high up. any info would be appreciated.

Re: street legal/registration ca q

Do you have a pic of your bike? I'd like to see it. Unfortunately I have no DMV info for you, but try your state DMV website for info.

Here is a happy link for you:

Can you post a pic for us?

Re: street legal/registration ca q

If the ca on your header is California, you're S.O.L.

What you have is a motordriven cycle which is not allowed on a bike lane. It will require verification, special construction permit, and annual rgistration.

Less than 2HP. with pedals is a Motorized Bicycle; Moped.


Re: street legal/registration ca q

damn! yeah il post a pic as soon as i get one taken. maybe the cops will leave me alone if i get lights.this bike is supposed to be my new transportation. i dont wanna drive a car any more

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