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I have a '79 Grande, all stock, and I was wondering if I should get the leovinci pipe from It's listed under the Bravo but I've heard that a lot of parts from the Bravo and Ciao also work on the Grande. It does'nt really look like it would fit. Would I be better off getting the proma that is also listed under the Bravo?

Here's the leovinci:


I also plan to get a larger jet but I'm not sure what size to get.



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It will fit the Grande. To truly do it properly, you'll need to get a range of larger jets and do some plug chops to find the right size. The stock Grande jet is a #49. Get a #51, #53, #55. Try the #53 first and then go up or down as needed. I'm running with the #53 and it seems fine. The #55 was great in winter, but too rich in summer.

Chris S

Re: grande perf. exhaust

Actually, I've heard that the guy at is really sharp when it comes to knowing what jet you'll need. just tell him which aftermarket parts you want to run and he'll know what jet to use with your combo.

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You shouldn't get the leavinci, get the proma circuit for the ciao...It's a lot cheaper, and it fits perfect on a Grande. You should also go ahead and get the 13/13 dellorto carb for the SI, and a Malossi performance airbox. This whole setup is less than 100 bucks from 50cc, including shipping! My Grande is topping out around 36ish with this setup, and I can burry the needle on 40 down a good hill.

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hey chris

i am parting out a 79 red grande.....want some parts


Re: grande perf. exhaust

Probably. Is that the one you never could find spark on? Or is it a new one? Email me to discuss.

On another note, I have now installed kits on both of my Grandes and I think I'm going to kit your old Bravo.

Re: grande perf. exhaust

Leo, Do you have a rear rack? I have been looking for one for ever!

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