puch or tomas for performance

I am kind of new to the moped area. Me and my friend used to ride his uncles last summer. He had two moterbecanes and one vespa. I want a tomas or puch. But because of funds I will be limited to getting a 77-82 problobly. But all my friends are going to get ones to. I was wondering if Puch and Tomas are the best ones to get for modifying and does it matter if it is older like an 80 or so. I really want to put like a 60cc kit in it. If I do so are they still real reliable. Plaeas help. THANX

Re: puch or tomas for performance

InfectedBootSector /

Before you do ANYTHING, read Fred's guide. Upgrading will probably decrease the engine life, especially with speed kits that push the bike to the limit.

REad up and be wise about what you do. Your probably better off getting a Puch or Tomos, retrofitting it with a "tuned" pipe, cleaning the carb, and doing an all around tune up on the thing. You should be able to get at least 35 out of just about any Puch or Tomos in good shape and running order.

Let me know how it goes... be wise with your $$, for yours, and the moped's sake.

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