hi all, did i miss something? where's don-ohio been? i read he's unable to post or something, but he's all over moped2.org. are you hiding on us don? lol..............


mabey don-o cant access THIS site....

Re: mabey...????

That's exactly it - he has Surfwatch blocking this site at work for some reason. See the post I made ealier today as a relay for him.

He's working on getting a PC at home so he can post.


Re: mabey...????

Ron Brown /


If you were an employer, and found someone spending large blocks of time on a site unrelated to work, what would you do?

On the other hand, it is possible that his employer does not care, but someone used a bad word on this site, or talked about nuclear power and terrorism, causing SurfWatch to shut him out.


Re: mabey...????

InfectedBootSector /

My employer doesn't care! I work at an ISP! : )

That's probably what it is... there are always a few posts here with language that Surfwatch would block.


Walter Cronkite /

There was a sighting of Don and Ike practicing for thier ride to Florida.

Ike in front, with Don as passenger.

caption on picture "Hey Ike, I don't think you should have had that second bowl of chili, Man light a match"


lol thats something cheech and chong would say

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