Im from conneticut and this august ill turn 16. but unlike all of you guys i cant get my driver's licence, I have very little periferal vision (hard to see to my left and right) and in conneticut, if you dont have a drivers licence you cant drive a moped! I can see where you would really need the vision going 60 mph but on a moped? come on. I can pedal my bike faster than it. What im looking for is a way to change this law i hate so much. Anyone who has any LEGAL ideas or saport please help me out! I need an army to go against the state and who better to turn to then the ones behind it all, THE MOPED ARMY! Please help!


im only 14.....and i cant legally ride yet....but i ride still. more then most mopeders. dont let a law slow you down. just register the beast and follow the rules of the road and the piggies wont give you beef. (ha ha piggies (pigs) and beef (cows)




Why, for Heaven's sake, would I want to promote having drivers with impaired peripheral (this is the correct spelling -- check the dictionary sometime) vision driving motor vehicles? There's a REASON why you shouldn't be driving, knucklehead. I'm sorry to hear about your vision problem, but peripheral vision is just as important, if not more so, on a moped than in a car (I believe the "cool" swarmers like to call them "cages.) I've ridden my moped all over Connecticut, Ohio and Michigan and I hate to think what it would be like with limited peripheral vision. I'd be a traffic hazard, no doubt.

And Dave, I hope you enjoy your riding and I wish you the best of luck in staying beneath the law enforcement screen, but just don't start whining when you get caught. You knew the risks.



I have been riding since I was 14 and that was on an old

Yamaha QT. I have had glasses before and after I got

my moped and License. I now ride a Yamaha Razz. I can

tell you I've had some close calls with the police before I

had my license and now I still get some. The police leave

you alone as long as you ride by the laws and dont break

them this of course means that I'm saying that if they

dont know you have peripheral vison you can get away with

without a license as long as you obey the laws when they

are around you they wont know. if you feel like they are

after you just put on your signal and tun in a driveway and

let them pass. If you think you can run from them on your

50cc ped hope you make it cause Theyll be pushing you.

Keep away from the law and watch out were you go.

This is the Rob with info for you.

-R O B


Kevin Harrell /

Do not give up hope. Double check the local laws, you may be able to get a restrictive license. That is a license that lets you drive with the proper equipment to overcome your problem. The back of my Ohio drivers license lists several restrictions including limiting driving to vehicles equiped with extra mirrors, or with "Bioptic/Telescopic Lenses" So you may be able to get a restricted license, one that restricts you to vehicles with extra mirrors or the like. Again check out your local laws.


I think the less "noise" about moped laws, the better.

The govermnent isn't known for "De-restricting" things. If anything, a petition or activism would INCREASE the scrutiny mopeds are subjected to.

My opinion, the less laws the better. The more Vague the laws are, the better.

The last thing we need is a "Federal Mandate" re-defining what a "Moped" is.

Laws are inconsistent from state to state--- oh well--- at least the "Feds" aren't into it.

I know how you feel, Kyle, but a "fight against moped laws" could backfire into even more restrictions.

Agree or disagree? I'm still interested.

Good Point, Wayne.

Reeperette /

Besides which, The Sierra club still hates us, and would love to make life difficult for us two-strokers, prolly since we're fairly easy to pick on, politically.

I wouldn't make any noise that's give the Gov leave to poke their nose into things, given that they're bad enough for that kinda thing already...and when they do, they usally make a mess of it.



all right, i wont go makin a big thing bout this at the gov. ill check out Kevin's idea though and can JD's. thanx for yer saport.

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