Please does anyone have A couple of headsets

Anyone please,

Do you have headsets you are

selling or will be selling

'Cause me and my group of

pedder-s need to communicate

somehow better, cause you

see we can't hear each other

over our engines.

We need it easier

please if anyone

does give me a line.

-Rob plus! Da Power Scooter

Re: Please does anyone have A couple of headsets

Either, this guy is very young, or he is illiterate.

Re: Please does anyone have A couple of headsets

why do you write like that?

Re: Please does anyone have A couple of headsets

check out your local wal or k marts. The cobra hand held cb things are around $20 right now. They havea range of about 2-3 miles, and several channels.

Thanks Mbartell

Robert Hamilton /

Thanks M,

Thanks I have looked at the stock at wal*mart and K-mart

And have bought four of them. They are excellent. Thanks

To anyone else I have chosen to change my writing format

to this from now on. So it's secure and you know its me that

is writing this way. If anyone else posts in any other format

and poses as if they are me in any as me give them the

most SCHITT!!! out there down give' em a break make' em

crack under pressure the deserve it take' m down.

-Rob Hamilton

My Formats Changed

Robert Hamilton /

I have finally found a way to secure my membership.

I shall write my messages in this format and be logged

in. Make sure of this before replying to this message.

if I have not logged in or have not written in this format

give the person the most schitt you can put out, More

schitt that they can't handle. Tell them to leave this

member alone and beat them verbally to a pulp

this is a high priority message from


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