Removing the governor

Brad /

I have a Yamaha Razz, i know i know, sorry bout putting a scooter on a moped site....I apologize but there is no other Awesome site like this for scooterers. Anyways, i want to remove the governor on it, Anybody know how or how to make it faster...THANKS!!!


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  Removing the governorTopic by: Brad Brad 05/22/02 12:49AM
  Re: Removing the governorRe: Chris Rice Chris Rice 05/22/02 01:00AM
  Re: Removing the governorRe: Simon King Simon King 05/22/02 01:20AM
  Re: Removing the governorRe: flannelman flannelman 05/22/02 07:04PM
  Flannelman...Re: Brad Brad 05/22/02 11:24PM
  Re: Removing the governorRe: andrew andrew 05/22/02 07:10PM
  Re: Flannelman...Re: Matt Wilson Matt Wilson 05/23/02 12:26AM
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