Removing the governor

I have a Yamaha Razz, i know i know, sorry bout putting a scooter on a moped site....I apologize but there is no other Awesome site like this for scooterers. Anyways, i want to remove the governor on it, Anybody know how or how to make it faster...THANKS!!!


Re: Removing the governor

i doubt there is actually a "governer". probably just a restrictive airbox and small jet.

Re: Removing the governor

Yeah, rarely is it a straight forward governor like you might think. They restrict the speed through various gas/air flow tweaks, as well as with the muffler.


Re: Removing the governor

flannelman /

my friend has a razz and it goes 45 50 mph he shaved the head

chopped the exhaust did some thing with the carb and bore it

Re: Removing the governor

wait the muffler makes mopeds go slower?????


What did he do to the carb and the exhaust ? I have access to being able to shave the head for free, can u ask him how much he shaved it etc. I THANK YOU!!!


Re: Flannelman...

Matt Wilson /


Step 1. Buy a new exhaust pipe...this will give the biggest increase in power ~30%

Step 2. Inspect your transmission for a variator restrictor washer and remove it. I've posted about this in the past. Search the archieve.

If your bike does 30-35 it is resticted, if it does 40+ it does not have any restrictions.

But first just buy a new exhaust.


look at my website for things I've done to my zuma. Click on mopeds

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