my 1979 motobecane mobylette has this strange clicking noise eminating from the clutch area of it. is there a point in there that needs to be greased? it doesn't make the noise all the time. but i'm just checking to make sure this doesn't eventually get worse and lead to breakage. there's a sticker on the clutch cover that reads "energrease". whatever that means. any help would be greatly appreciated


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RE: grease?

energrease = E(energy) ner(nerd) grease. i hope that helps.


i also hope someone replies who knows what they are talking about.

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RE: grease?

Maybe it means>>.... "the grease (or lube) enters here"..?

RE: grease?

RE: grease?

Sounds like a high temp. axle and wheel bearing grease. Got to you local auto store and ask if they have any thin like that.

RE: grease?

Gary Trezza /

ENERGREASE is Wheel Bearing type grease, available in any auto parts store. (French name)

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