Re: average age

Scott in WI /

I'm 45. Just sold one Express for parts and still have 10.

2 '78 Tomos

1 '80 Tomos

1 '59 Motobecane

1 '78 Express

1 '80 Express

1 '81 Express - Parts

1 '80 Express II - Parts

1 '85 Spree

1 '01 Elite

Re: average age

KelvinKDX /

Age: 37

Moped: 1977 Peugeot 103SP. I bought this new when i was 14.

Re: Targa

Hey Dave, I'm 52 as well, thankgod for step throughs,I'm having trouble throwing my leg over the back of my 72 Vespa Ciao now .bruce

Re: average age

AGE: I was so much older then........I`m younger than that now!

Bike: 1948 Whizzer WZ


Re: above average age

You know Ike, That line dates you and most folks who recognize it. Peace.

Re: average age

I am 44 and have a 1977 Cimatti City Bike. I inherited it from my dad, who bought it new when he was 51 (Lord knows why...)


Re: average age

23 years of age...... 68 Motoconfort

Re: average age

45 last weekend.

Vespa Grande, Ciao fixer upper, Harley FLH, Harley 45 Flathead, Solex: 3800,4600,5000,Micron

That's enough, for now, I think.


Re: average age

im 97

1980 puegeot 102sp runs sometimes

1982 honda C70 runs but is so ugly i'm afraid to sit on it.

i'm 22, my mopeds are 23 years old each


Re: average age

Being 52 is no big thing.Im in a rock band and have more toys than your average 12 year old and yesterday I aquired one of those motorized scooters.

Re: That may date you.

Kevin Harrell /

Well back in my day we never trusted anyone over 30.

Whoops, I am that much plus 12.

91 Tomos Bullet. My first Ped. That is except the engine kit I attached to a bike last year.

"If you can't stay young, at least you can stay immature."

Re: That may date you.

Well, I'm a firm believer that you're only as old as you act. At the rate I'm going, I may never die.

Re: That may date you.

I'm just a kid of 67, retired and loving it. My only moped is a 2000 Avanti Autopower and my wife (60) rides an '82 Honda Express SR scooter.

Re: That may date you.

Ken D,

That's great news! At 44, I occasionally feel like a bit of a post-adolescent ninny riding my Cimatti around town. The local teenagers tend to point quite a bit (although many of them have made offers for my bike). But knowing that there are at least two other post-adolescent ninnies riding around out there gives me confidence and determination!

Best of luck! Maybe we can start a trend among the senior set.

Re: average age

Age: 16

Moped(s): 1978 Puch Kromag

As I have once said,

I love my moped.

As I have once said,

I love my moped.

It goes pretty slow,

but now I must go!

Re: average age

Troy Weisenmiller /

im 19 and have a 78 sachs westlake

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