Vehicle Insurence

what are your veiws on insurance.

I find it wierd that government makes you ahve it.. but doesn't regulate it to well.. I mean.. hell I don't know.. im fixing to get burned.. but

I'm 23.. I've paid probly 800 every 6 months for the last 8 years. Thats about $12,800 bucks so far.. I've never EVER owned a vehicle that was newer then 10 years old or had a value over say 5 grand.... if someone plows me do you think I'll get a new truck.. no I might get a check for the worth of my vehicle.. 3 and a half grand.. Why is there an option to cover you or both.. if eveyrone was required to pay for there own.. then problem solved. Sure it would suck if it wasn't your fualt.. but if you had insurance that covered you, and the price of your vehicle.. we wouldn't be raped so much.. I don't make alot of money.. and I pay out about 120 a month just on insurance for a 12 year old 2 wheel drive truck.

Re: Vehicle Insurence

I should have been on the debate team at school.. I love a good clean arguement

Re: Vehicle Insurence

I can feel your pain man. I have a 94 Camaro z-28 and i pay about 1600 a year for insurance on my mothers policy. That's crazy. I have a loan out for the car for 7 grand, for five years, If you take that 7 grand i will be paying back and the 1600 a year for insruance for the next five years, i'll be dishing out 15,000 for a 7000 dollar car for 5 years. by the time i pay off the thing it won't be worth 4000.

The moped is 140 year. I like that much better.

crazy i tell ya


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