hi i am 15 years old and i am about to buy a 1981 suzuki fz50, is that a good quality scooter, please respond as soon as possible, thankyou

Re: scooter

hey brother.. you should get a moped. =]

Re: scooter

isn't that one of those mopeds without pedals? get a moped with pedals dude! They help a lot on steep

Re: scooter

flannelman /

yeah it a good scooter travis

i would look in to how easy it would be to get part for it though

Re: scooter

get a moped they r better in every shape and form. I mean come one if a scooter breaks you got all those parts and crap to fiddle with and with a moped and can almost always bet yer life it will start

not another scooter

dont get the scooter man...scooters suck. is there a scooter army??? nope. so get a moped and ride proud. or just ride.


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