1980 Puegot 103

I just found in the trash a 1980 Peugeot 103 SP U2 in pretty good shape. No rust but plenty of cobwebs. It even had the owners manual on the handlebar.

I'd like to restore it and need help in finding parts, tips from other owners as I've never owned a moped.

It is missing the left pedal and arm that attaches to the large drive pulley.

Any information/tips is appreciated.


Re: 1980 Puegot 103

KelvinKDX /

I have a 1977 Peugeot 103 SP. I am not sure how much difference there is between the years (probably none).

You can get the parts you need from BJ at HandyBikes in Columbus, Ohio.

Where are you located?

Re: 1980 Puegot 103

I'm in New Jersey. Have you rebuilt your 77?

Re: 1980 Puegot 103

good job! i found a sachs westlake in the trash once! it's a great feeling!

Re: 1980 Puegot 103

KelvinKDX /

Jim - I have not had to rebuild the '77 103SP as there is really nothing wrong with it. Runs great. The only thing that i need to do is probably pack the wheel bearings and de-carbonize the exhaust. I bought this bike new in 1978. Oh yeah, i need to get the "103 SP" emblems on the side tank put back on. See attached picture.


Re: 1980 Puegot 103

I just got a 1980 Puegot 103 working real good. For my licence/registration I need to know how many cc's the motor is. I;m having difficulty fining out. Does anyone know?

Re: 1980 Puegot 103

Matt Wilson /

Unless its been modified its almost surely 49-50cc.

Jim follow freds guide under resources at the top of the page. Don't worry about the missing parts until you can get the engine to run


Re: 1980 Puegot 103

49.9 cc

hey Kevin.. you need new side emblems.. I have a pair for a 103 I can't use

Re: 1980 Puegot 103

KelvinKDX /

uh um. It's Kelvin.

But yes - I am looking for new side emblems. The side emblems that i have are probably repairable with a little glue and cleaning solution. New ones would be nice.

Are the ones that you have for a 103SP? Green. Look like the picture attached here:

Send me a picture of the ones you have if you can.


Re: 1980 Puegot 103

yea they are the ones i have... The plastic peice used to mount them are missing on one... but they are new never been used.

Re: 1980 Puegot 103

KelvinKDX /

what do you want for them? $$

Do you happen to be going to the BBQ6?

Re: 1980 Puegot 103

If I wasn't in florida i would probly go... It snuck up on me.. I wanted to take 3 days off but I have to have 3 weeks notice and being a manger im always worried that everyone else gets there time off.. I totaly forgot and now can't get the days off.. I actualy ended up with luck somehow getting sunday evening and monday off.. but Iw ould have to teleport back in order to make it to work at 7 tuesday morning.

if you giv eme an adress I will send you the sidecover if you want them. If they work cool.. if they don' no biggie..

I actualy poped the plastic peices off wanting to add them to my 102 just for looks... but they were alot wider then the 102 tank.. they would stick out about 1/4 hehe.. I didn't know that hte 102 was so much more narrow.

you can email me your address.

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