Angel Moped looking for info

I just brought this home and I am researching model and year. Any info on Angels would be helpful to get me going. Does anyone recognize this one?

Does anyone know of interchangeable parts from other Makes?

Should run as I was told it does... I was also told to put 32:1 mix however my Batavus runs on 50:1. I figured I would start with 32:1 and if it smoked- I would add more gas... Anyone know for sure?

I have seen pictures with a back seat that I would like to purchase... My usual supplier of parts is Does anyone have any other good suppliers?

angel moped.JPG

Re: Angel Moped looking for info

Tim Lambing /


Re: Angel Moped looking for info

engine looks like a Peugeot but

no engine parts interchange.

that said Magura controls, Mikuni

carb , Bosch ignition used

parts can be had on MA buy/sell

because no one wants Angel mopeds

i had one.....ran 50:1 with no problem

moped will run 28mph

good 2nd moped or loaner ped

about as good as a Jawa without

the hateful cachet

Re: Angel Moped looking for info

Tim Lambing /


Thank you.

I will check buy/sell forum. Do you know of other helpful websites? Ive found Moped Junkyard and Moped Riders Association to be helpful.

Re: Angel Moped looking for info


don*t bother.

no one carries parts for Angels

use bicycles cables

get to know your metric hardware

section in your local hardware store

tires/tubes thru bike bandit

everything else you can get off the

MA or ebay

Re: Angel Moped looking for info

and that is what is great about MA. somebody knows!

Re: Angel Moped looking for info

Tim Lambing /

anyone elso with info on angels?

Re: Angel Moped looking for info

Andrew Squiggman /

Tim Lambing Wrote:


> anyone elso with info on angels?

yes. crappy bikes. sorry you got one.

look for one made in Europe preferably

Re: Angel Moped looking for info

Tim Lambing /

I have a running Batavus and Columbia Commuter that I am rebuilding. The Angel is my extra moped for wife and friends to ride. I have learned that they have a crappy reputation so there are less of them around. It is harder to find info and parts. This is kind of a fun challenge. Its actually not bad looking. I've had some good replies. Any other info?

Re: Angel Moped looking for info

i have the honda version of this bike, cangron I think they call it kind of honda / peugeot mix

Re: Angel Moped looking for info

What would you like to know, I just did a full rebuild on an Angel type moped and can answer whatever you want.

Odd ball, orphan tawain moped..

fallout Survivor /

No parts. Try Myrons mopeds.

Re: Angel Moped looking for info

I can't wait to see your moped 2 running Jesse.

Re: Angel Moped looking for info

so close, so very close

Re: Angel Moped looking for info

Tim Lambing /

Jesse, Can you post a pic of your carb? It looks like I am missing the petcock and it doesnt look complete. Also, can you post a few of your Angel to this post? I want to compare. I picked up a second Angel and figured I would use both for a guide. Did you replace the covers for front and back signal or do you know what would fit? Do you have a manual by any chance?

Re: Angel Moped looking for info

its a moped

you don*t need a manual

Re: Angel Moped looking for info

I have most of the original carb but it's missing the slide and cap. I have pictures of the motor rebuild but not of the bike right now. Mine did not have turn signals on it so not sure what to tell you on that. And there is no manual that I've ever seen for these bikes.

Re: Angel Moped looking for info

...story of my life...

Manual, Parts List Exist, just Rare.

fallout Survivor /

I had the original Service Manual and Separate Parts List for these TYM Industries dogs. And they were very brief and badly translated, and the illustrations were poor. Even in the original versions, the illustrations were bad photo copies.

Even if you have the parts list with the original part nos., there is no where to buy parts (like themopedjunkyard)

Now some fellow from Beatrice NE owns them .

the only mopeds I bought and sold at a loss.

I made the mistake of not copying them, which I regret.

I do remember that the timing was the book , 19 degrees BTDC?

I owned two of these incomplete mopeds for 3 years.

I got tired of not finding parts. I would have needed a fabrication outfit, and a machine shop to finish the projects.. There just are not enough spare parts around in the Plains States or on Ebay. I believe that it there are a lot more old bikes and parts in California, where most of them got gold.

As for the carburetor, finding spares for Mikuni VM10-24 was not easy.

Might be able to adapt motorized bike carbs?

The Myron's Moped guy has some knowledge and data. See in the Encyclopedia section. There is some wiring info, spec info.

A hint on internet searching: try the keywords "Peugeot Angel". Some morons label these mopeds with this name, even though it is incorrect.

The mopeds were manufactured in Taiwan by TYM Industries, Inc., which is still in business as a manufacturer of farm equipment. That might be a lead to someone who has a copy of the original manuals? You might need someone who speaks and writes Taiwanese. The design of the 1st line of steel pressed frame bikes (angels) was the Honda Cangaru, (PM-50?).

This Honda moped is rare in the USA, more commonly distributed in Australia and SouthEast Asia. But the specs for the AP-48 motor don't match the Honda. TYM also made the "Speed Bird", and "Commander"

with a tubular frame and separate gas tank. You see some in the gallery with the Coke paint job (See Peogeot Angel pics).

I got my manual off of Ebay.. but they come up rarely. (edited)

Re: Manual, Parts List Exist, just Rare.

fallout Survivor /

More on tym... in myrons

also see on that web site the Encyclopedia section,

and the wiring diagrams section.

Angel: There are two versions, this one with brown (external ignition ground), yellow, black magneto wires, and an earlier one with red, yellow, and black magneto wires, internally grounded, not shown.

AMS & Angel Battery Versions: Angel/Speed Birds use a 6N2-2A small 6 volt battery, AMS uses a 6N4B-2A. Modern replacement batteries have different wires than the original ones did. See section “B” Battery Wires.

Speed Bird is a trade name for a Taiwan moped made by T.Y.M. Industrial Co. Ltd, 554 Chung Cheng Rd, Yongkang Hsiang, Tainan Hsien, Taiwan, ROC, The Speed Bird BP-48 and BP-48S models have the same TYM (Batavus M48 copy) engine as the Angel AP-48, also wheels, and other things.

There is also a Speed Bird with a Tas BE-48 engine (Tanaka Kogyo Co. Ltd, Japan). The “Tas Speed Bird” is exactly the same as the Moprix. See Moprix above.

Angel made in Taiwan by TYM TYM engine

Angel is a trade name for a well made Taiwan moped made by TYM and imported by the Cham Company. The engine, made by Tym, is a copy of a Batavus M48 (Holland), but the clutch and reed valve are different. The early version frame had an old fashioned cantilever fork. The later version, Angel AP48, had telescoping forks, shown above.

Angel was made by T.Y.M. Industrial Co. Ltd, 554 Chung Cheng Rd, Yongkang Hsiang, Tainan Hsien, Taiwan, ROC. TYM made motorscooters and mopeds, including the Speed Bird brand of moped. (edited)

Re: Manual, Parts List Exist, just Rare.

I can go ahead and tell you they are not copies of the Laura M-48 motor at all. They look similar from the outside but every dimension and design concept is different. I can see that they probably had a picture of a M-48 motor and said "Eh, we can figure it out from here." I will be doing a full engine rebuild write up soon for this if that helps anyone.

Re: Manual, Parts List Exist, just Rare.

jeffery magnuson /

Really looking for the manual of someone to let me know just a few things. Like what the original timing is, is it really 19 degrees BTDC. What belt sizes it has. If i can use an alternate carburetor. How fast it will go. if anyone has the manuals id like to link up or possibly purchase.

Re: Angel Moped looking for info

Hey Jesse, Glad I found you. Just get an Angel. Not sure it lives up to it's name? Free and unriden,25 years. Garaged. Hardly any rust!. Mechanical stuff fixed. No spark suspect condenser. It's theM48 motor from I think a Batavia?. Don't care about coil working for lights just ignition. Can I put an external condenser if the internal one in the magneto case is bad? Put gear puller one the outer cover with the magnets and can't get off. Afraid it will break crank or bend the cover. Wire from condenser comes out so can attach a new one inline maybe? You know where to get rebuild kit for the mikuni carb? Will use multimeter to check if the magneto if putting out voltage. Could be the external high voltage coil to plug that's bad. Any help or suggestions appreciated! Look forward to having lots of fun with my new toy. Michael. Email me if you want

Re: Angel Moped looking for info

Terbo Speghetti /

Lol this thread is 8 years old dude. Don't expect a response

Re: Angel Moped looking for info

Will check site for Angel parts first. Need new or good rebuilt carb for M48 . Know of any? Prefer new. Michael

Re: Angel Moped looking for info

Terbo Speghetti /

Dude, have you read any of the wiki? Get a new dellorto SHA with the same style choke as the one on your bike now. Don't pay less than $45 or you're gonna end up with a clone. They're available new and will work for literally any moped

Re: Angel Moped looking for info

Hey Terbo, Looked at wiki , moped junk yard and a couple others. Don't mine clone there about $20 on E bay. Might just rebuild this one and know it is done correctly. Kit should be available I assume. Like you said new for 45 is really a great deal for no hassle operation. Clone who knows? Maybe a little more Army feed back needed before deciding soon. Will get spark to plug figured out Sunday. Can get condenser at auto parts store as suspect is the problem so far. Getting multimeter out Sunday. The Army has been VERY helpfull to offer suggestions and opinions. Keep them coming. I'm just a shade tree mechanic.. Thanks all for enthusiastic welcome! Michael email me anytime.

Re: Angel Moped looking for info

Once you get the clone you will be sad you have to then buy the real one.

I am always surprised at how new folks as for help but when we give educated responses and some very specific dont's, the new person is always like....well I'm gonna try it anyway... As if we had not already tried it and know why it won't work.

Re: Angel Moped looking for info

Hey Jay, Get what you mean. Cheap usually comes out expensive. Fortunately I didn't have to buy any parts. Got it running but needs a little more tlc. You moped maniacs sure steered me in the right direction. Will join in when need help again. Any clubs in Chattanooga area? Might look into it. Going to mostly do trail riding with mine. Thanks again. Michael

Re: Angel Moped looking for info

Not 100% sure if there are any groups in Chattanooga but in Nashville there used to be the deadpeds. I would take a look on Facebook for any groups in your area. Even scooter folk might be cool with ya, but your moped may not be able to keep up all that well.

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