Idle screw adjustment

What is the setting of the idle screw supposed to be on a Tomos? I just got a used Tomos and need to know the setting to get this little guy running.

Thanks for your help.

Kevin Harrell

Re: Idle screw adjustment

It should start and run pretty much wherever its set at. Idle screw is only for your idle when the bike is stopped. I dont know much about Tomos but any other ped it has nothing to do w/ the bike running.

Re: Idle screw adjustment

Larry garrison /

I have gotten a motocane moped that I'm try to get started.It looks to be a 1980 from pics I've seen at this site.Can you tell me the fuel ratio mixture.Thanks...Larry

Re: Idle screw adjustment

If you buy the fancy expensive synthetic ?... use 50 to 1

(I don'y use it... its not worth it in my opinion)

(50 to 1 is 2.65 ounces of oil per 1 gallon of gas)

If you use regular 2 stroke oil... mix it at 3 ounces of gas to 1 gallon of gas (43 to 1)

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