PA50 II roller weights

I just did the variator ramp mod to my PA50 II and noticed that I have a broken roller weight. The graphite part is broken. Where's a good place to order stuff like that online?

Also, what's the final verdict on adding weights to the rollers? Anyone done any tests?

I'm doing about 30 mph now according to a GPS. Up from 25, so the mod is working wonders. Take off power seems a little slower, but not too bad. So besides upgrading my exaust, anyone have any ideas on other mods for this ped?

Oh yeah, I've got spikes running down my front fender now cuz I'm a bad mofo or something. Now I just need a mean looking basket.

Thanks for your help everyone.

Re: PA50 II roller weights

I have stated my opinion on weights several times... I have done the tests... every time you add weights you slow the ped down because it 'shifts" sooner.

Heavy weights made is shift at 5mph...

light weights at 11 mph...

no weights at 14 mph.

Shifting at 5 mph is like putting your car or truck in 4th at 15 mph... no good... slooooow

But.... DON"T take my word for it... you can drop any little old pieces of equal weight metal in all 3 rollers and go and try it yourself... it will take you 20 minutes to decide.

Use a watch to time your 0 to 25.... then you will know the answer...

If I had an easy solution... I would make LIGHTER weights... because then 1st gear would rev out higher... and I would accelerate harder.

Re: PA50 II roller weights

......malossi and polini make big bore kits and carbs for the pa......65cc and 70cc .......malossi even makes a liquid cooled 70cc kit.........its at

Re: PA50 II roller weights

That is all you need man....the variotor mod and a proma cirucuit from you will need to adjust the mixture screw on the carb to make it run a little leaner, but it will fly!

Re: PA50 II roller weights

Anybody have a spare shop manual for PA50 II, 1980? I need one soon! Can't figure out how to take apart the rear wheel to put in new brake pads. They are shot. Thanks

Re: PA50 II roller weights


It's pretty clear that the engineers at Honda designed the weights to work optimally.

One thing that might be worth trying if you have an accurate scale is to find some carriage bolts of the same diameter as the roller weights and cut them to the same length and then drill them out until they are <i>exactly</i> the same weight and size as the original ones.


Re: PA50 II roller weights

anyone have any idea where i can find replacement rollers. the graphite on one of mine is broken, and the others are kind of thrashed looking.

thanks for all the advice, everyone.


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