Can I ride in a 55 zone

I was wondering. i bought my moped strickly for riding back and forth to work, and save gas. And the only way to get to work is on a 4 mile stretch of road that is 55MPH speed limit. It has about a 4 foor burm along both sides of the road. Is it legal to ride there? I think it should be ok if i'm off the road and traffic will not have to swirv around me. The 13 second 94 Z-28 eats up to much gas everyday driving to work. The ped will save me alot.

Also I picked up a 79 Batavus for 125 bucks with 1500 miles on it. Realy good shape. REALLY good shape. Is that a good price?? Thanks all


Re: Can I ride in a 55 zone

im not sure bout the road laws but the deal ya got on the batavus, if it really is in really good shape, is a REALLY good deal

Re: Can I ride in a 55 zone

Tomottow I'll spiff up both mopeds the 79 Jawa Babetta and the 79 Batavus Starflite, and take pictures and post them on my website. I guess I"ll take a look on the web for PA moped laws. I do have insurance on the Jawa. Just waiting for someone to get moped plates.


Re: Can I ride in a 55 zone

It should be legal unlest it's posted "no bicycles"

Do I want to ride in a 55 zone?

When you say "burm" is it a tar burm or dirt? Man, riding to work on dirt would be a drag everyday--

if there's room, you feel safe, and you're not creating a hazzard... you should be all set--

I'd be more worried about safety than the legality-- You say it's a 55 zone--- that means people are whizzing by at 65+ I'd be more worried about my life---~!

If there's a clearly marked "breakdown" lane, and its not a highway--go for it...I had to ride my moped home from the place I bought it on a route called "302" and it was zoned for 50 in parts--- it was scary as hell---but no police trouble...

Re: Do I want to ride in a 55 zone?

it is a stone chip burm. It's pretty wide. I'll ride it wednesday and we'll see what happens. I work from 6-3 usually and there isn't much traffic on that road early in the morning.

Re: Do I want to ride in a 55 zone?

BE careful--- Steering should be tricky on stone chips---

You could do like I do-- leave early, and take your sweet time to get to work....

let us know how your first ride to work goes. You DO have a helmet, right?

Re: Do I want to ride in a 55 zone?

No here in PA you do not need a helmet, just insurance, tags. I finally got the Jawa legal today. Now when the weather warms up i'll be makin the first trip to work on it. Its been around 45 degrees since i bought it, the week before it was about 80 for 2 weeks straight. Strange. Well later all


Re: Do I want to ride in a 55 zone?

I didn't used to wear a helmet-- now I wear a half shell.

Long story short-- I was nearly killed in a nasty moped accident. Old guy ran stop sign.

I got 85k for a settlement, but I want to survive to spend it.

Helmets aren't required in maine. I wear a cool street hockey helmet. It looks cool, and is enough to protect me in a low speed collision.

Re: Do I want to ride in a 55 zone?

I'd like to find a cool black half shell helmet that would be pertty neat. My uncle Joe hos one of them he wheres when he rides his big harley 1200cc. he's about 300 lbs. He's awesome, big blond beard. I'm just skinny little guy on a moped. I do wear shades though. :) haha


ride in a 55 zone (Helmet)?

I've been using a street hockey helmet-- Really cool looking, half shell, 40 bucks..... very solid and well built.

It isn't "D.O.T." but helmets aren't required anyway.

It fits perfect, and I think it would be plenty of protection for a crash under 40 mph.

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