dumb paper man?

I was at a friends house and left my moped parked in his driveway. The guy who dilivers the paper pulled in and parked next to my ped. when he went to throw the news paper onto the porch he hit the moped! since it was standing on dirt it fell onto his car and put a huge dent in the side of his car! the moped had a little bit of HIS paint smeared across the gas tank but other than that, its fine! Are mail men stupid? or should mopeds take chevy's mato "Like a rock"?

Re: dumb paper man?

Mail Persons are usually well educated and generally good with people (except when they short circuit and kill a dozen of their co-workers)

Secondly, Mail Persons do not throw mail at mopeds.

Paper delivery guys, on the other hand....

You say "Guy" so, I'm thinking of a 35 year old paperboy, AKA Chris Elliot, living in mom's cellar.

I'm not sure what the requirements are to be a paperboy-- I think a face is the only thing you need.

Paperboy Job Application:

1. Do you have a face?

2. Do you have poor aim?

3. Is your career goal to deliver news?


Seriously, Kyle, if you really wanted, it would be a hassle, but the paper company, or whoever they sub-contract for delivery is responsible. If the car really needs to be fixed, they are liable for it.

Just like if the paper broke a window or hit you in the eye....

Did you yell at the guy right after--- ? Make him aware of what he did?

Funny story--- except for the damage.

Re: dumb paper man?

So, the newspaper guy damaged HIS OWN car? That's funny.

I was thinking your friends car got damaged--- not so funny.

Did he apologize? Or just speed away?

Re: dumb paper man?

he kinda just got out of the car looked around to see if anyone saw and put the moped back on its stand thats when i came out and started complaining bout the little bit of his paint on my moped and yea yer right he was bout 35

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