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Well, I finally got my moped legal to drive.. cost me about $315 bucks for title, plates, insurance, tax, and whatnot. And so, I've been able to continue my twiddling.. This is what I've done so far to my moped: cleaned out carburetor real good, fixed float bowl leak, changed air filter element, took out exhaust baffle, hooked up a timing light and set timing really good, put in spark plug with proper gap and heat range, cleaned and set points, cleaned carbon deposits in combustion chamber and on top of piston, and cleaned out the fuel tank. While performance has improved somewhat from what it originally was, it still tops out at 29-31 mph and the accelleration still sucks (though not as bad as before). I dont care so much about top speed, but it'd be really cool to be able to accellerate faster (LOT of stop signs in my town (and i already got a ticket for rolling through a stop)). It seems the only things i could do now would be to: A) get a 15mm dellorto carb (its a 12mm gurtner now), B) buy a leo vinci performance exhaust, or C) change the rear sprocket to a couple teeth higher. C I dont want to do because I'd rather not sacrifice my top speed. A and B will cost money though (of which im not in abundant supply). How much performance could i expect to gain from getting a nice exhaust (considering that i already removed the baffle from the stock exhaust) or larger carb? If I'm going to be paying 98 bucks for a new carb or over 100 for a new exhaust, I want a very noticable power increase. Is this too much to ask for? or am i stuck with no accelleration? Also, are there any other ways i could increase performance that i havent thought of? thanks.

- Michael

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.
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