cheap insurance?

Dose anyone know where i can get relativley cheap moped insurance?

Re: cheap insurance?

1. Look in the yellow pages under "Insurance Agents"

2. Call all of the Agents whose advert says "we do motorcycle insurance"

3. When you talk to the Agent, specify that it is a moped. They may give you the run-around, but do not let them tell you it is a motorcycle. Specify MOPED.

4. If they give you poor service, be nice, but tell them you'll be calling someone who will insure you, and knows the difference in rates between a 200mph crotch rocket and a 50cc moped.

5. Keep calling-- if you don't get any results, start calling the other ads that don't specify "motorcycle insurance". Ask if they do motorcycles, and tell them you need to insure your moped.

6. Provide more information. USA? CANADA? Assuming these things leads to confusion. Give us your country and state or province. Chances are good someone else has a moped in your state....they must have insurance, maybe they can help you.

7. Check the "owners directory" on this site, for people's e-mail in your state. Ask them for advice on where to buy.

8. Use the forum search feature and search for "Insurance" there was a detailed thread on this topic a month ago.

That's all I've got for you--- hope you're heading in the right direction.

Any luck, you might be in a state that doesn't require insurance.

Re: cheap insurance?

Dave Gregory /

insurance on a moped????y would you need it? is it required where you live?


Re: cheap insurance?

You must have missed the other thread. I'll dig it up--

Yes, In Maine, we don't need a title, but we do need 150k insurance, and an inspection and registration.

Check the forum, I'll see if I can't make the older insurance thread 'float to top'

there was a bunch of good information, and it eventually became a canadian insurance thread--- they have it worse than we do, it seems.

Re: cheap insurance?

This thread could/should be continued under:

keep all the info in one place.


Re: cheap insurance?

Progersive! I paid 75 beans for 2 peds for the whole year!

Re: cheap insurance?

Not bad, I'm assume you mean <a href=""; target="_blank"></a>? I'm in the market for insurance myself actually, since I'll be moving from Michigan to Illinois soon.

Does anyone know the laws about driving in another state with the laws of the previous state? What I mean is, if I have my moped registered in Michigan, do I have to re-register it in Illinois? You don't with cars I know.

Also, if I am able to keep a Michigan registration, does that keep me under the laws of Michigan not needing insurance?


Re: cheap insurance?

Hi Simon,

I live in Illinois, and if you register your moped in Illinois, you'll need to go to the DMV with your title and Michigan registration. You also need a license plate and insurance.

If you keep your Michigan registration, make sure your license plate on the moped is up-to-date. You'll still need insurance to operate it in Illinois, no matter where it's registered. Your chances of getting stopped or questioned by a cop are probably greater if you elect to keep the 'ped registered in Michigan.

Re: cheap insurance?

Probably true - they won't see the plate so they'll stop me. In Michigan it's just a sticker. One problem I see is that when I registered my moped in Michigan they took away my title. It seemed really strange to me at the time, but they said that in Michigan you don't need a title for a moped.

I asked to retain the title anyway, even though it didn't do me any good. They said that I couldn't. Do you think that just a Michigan registration would be enough for me to register it in Illinois?

Also, if I decide to just keep my Michigan registration until it expires, can I get insurance in Illinois? Basically I'm saying should I get insurance before I move? I was thinking the insurance companies might balk at it being a Michigan registration but insured to me with an Illinois address. Or is insurance pretty non state specific?


Re: cheap insurance?

It's very odd that they took away your title in Michigan. If your registration has the VIN on it, then hopefully the Illinois DMV will accept that.

You still need insurance to operate the moped in Illinois no matter where it's registered. When you call the insurance company, explain that the moped is registered in Michigan but that you will be operating it in Illinois.

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