6v to 12v

flannelman /

does anyone know how to convert 6 volt system to a 12 volt system on my 78 express

Re: 6v to 12v

why would you want to....its a MOPED

Re: 6v to 12v

InfectedBootSector /

Light bulbs/parts for 6v systems are hard to find, or are expensive

For an easier solution, pick up a battery box to mount to your rack, and hook up a 6v battery with a trickle charge system...

that will keep your lights from dimming...

not worth the weight in my opinion...

Re: 6v to 12v

flannelman /

because if you think about it it would be cool

plus think of all the thing you could get rid of

6v stuff is really pricey and i never seen it done plus i got a lot of time to kill

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