motobecane speed!

what is the best way to increase the top speed/acceleration on a motobecane? would a biturbo work on it if i were to cut and fit it on there?

RE: motobecane speed!

Simon King /

the bi-turbo would be very hard to make work. i don't think that the arm is long enough to fit around the side of the motobecane -- you might be able to rig it but it's not going to be worth it. There are performance motobecans mufflers you can order from france....but i've never tried them.

are you running the 30MPH version? there are three versions of each motobecane, A, B, and C. If you aren't running the top one then you can buy all the parts necessary to upgrade it to the faster model for performance.

The motobecane's can't be modified nearly as much as some other mopeds - like the Puch.

RE: motobecane speed!

if your motobecane has a variator, the biturbo wont work, because the engine pivots.

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