Thomos idle screw setting

What is the proper setting for the idle screw for a Tomos moped. I messed with it without remembering to make a note of the setting. Please express the answer in terms I can understand. For example, turn the screw in all the way and then turn it out so many turns.

Thanks for all the answers I anticipate.

Re: Thomos idle screw setting

Reeperette /

All the way in, back 1-1/2 turns..and work backwards from there.


Re: Thomos idle screw setting

Brad c cool /

hey man....u do it this way.......start your moped with the side covers off.......I know I have to change mine as the weather changes arround here hit the breaks after every time u turn it and turn it until the back wheel stops moving...while its off the ground.....

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