QT 50 clutch

I have a '80 Yamaha QT 50. I changed the oil in the crankcase today, and while it was empty, I pulled the clutch apart, and looked at the 'little drum brake shoe' looking friction weights.

What does a bad one, that is slipping too much look like? can one replace the friction 'shoe'?

These have about a 1/16" - 1/18" of some sort of orange rubber material on them, with deep groves running the long way. the inside of the drum is smooth.

The reason I ask, is that it seems way to easy to slow down the bike, with a hill or a head-wind as of late, and I tought that increasing the friction here would help get more power to the road,

Re: QT 50 clutch

david f martin /

Hey Bryan,

The only time the clutch comes into play is while taking off. Unless the clutch is slipping really bad (and you'd hear the engine revving while trying to climb a hill), your problem is likely elsewhere.

As I've preached here a few times before, check the exhaust port on your cylinder. It is not a big deal to clean out (I've done it on my lunch break), and that was the main problem I had slowing down my QT.


Re: QT 50 clutch

what was max speed?

Re: QT 50 clutch

thats what its doing, making lots of noise, and not going very fast up the hill anymore...

Re: QT 50 clutch

on level ground its usally around 25-26 . It used to be higher, especially when tacling the hill by my house. I could get up it going 20-23, now im at 10-15.

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