1985 Tomos

my Tomos runs at high speed on stand,but will not run up enough to change into high gear when off of stand. any ideas PLEASE?

Re: 1985 Tomos

Jamie Leonard /

First thing that strikes me - do you have the right ATF fluid in your machine and is it at the proper level? (Too much/too little will cause improper shifting, and the wrong fluid will cause improper shifting) It wouldn't hurt to change the fluid if you haven't done that as well, its something that needs to be changed periodically.

Re: 1985 Tomos

Reeperette /

Also check compression, and do a run thru of Freds Guide in our RESOURCES Section.

If that don't help, get back to me.


Re: 1985 Tomos

or timing. If time is too retarded, it doesn't have low end power.

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