79 Jawa

I Just purchased a stong running Jawa Moped for 75 bucks. Is that a good price. It has 3300 miles on it. Is that alot? I'm new to the moped scene and would like to know for info about the moped I just got. Is it possible to to get the motor rebiult or get performance parts for it? Thanks


Re: 79 Jawa

Jamie Leonard /

I don't think anyone will say 75 bucks for a strong running moped isn't a good deal! :) (heck even for a complete parts bike it wouldn't be bad) Jawa should have decent parts availability though I'm not sure about performance parts

cheap Mods

Anyone have any good idea's for Cheap Modifications to do to a moped motor? Or isn't there any mods you can do to a moped. I can (most of the time) cruise about 28-30 MPH i think 35 MPH would be pretty sweet.


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