carabela anyone?

Hey guys, i just got another weird minarelli based moped. it is called the carabela motomatic. it is in the most horrible condition, but i am going to fully restore it. anyone heard of it, or know anything about it? it was made in mexico. also, none of you replied to my same question about a Milani moped with a minarelli engine. where do i find these castoffs...

Viva Carabela...est muy rapido !

Carabela was a Mexican motorcycle manufacturer that was in business for about 10 years (about 73 to 83) and produced 2 stroke dirt bikes and trail bikes..... they were known to have not quite as good quality as the Japanese made bikes.....I don't think I ever saw one in real life... just in pictures....I believe they were made by a wealthy Mexican guy who's sons became interested in dirt bikes and their dad said "lets make our own !"..... I didn't know they made mopeds.

Probably the reason you get these is nobody else wants to bother to fix them.... or knows how.

I have a neighbor who was GIVEN 2 matching 50cc Kriedler mopeds in perfect condition, by a rich guy who didn't want them...those are the ones I'd like to have..... being German made they are probably good quality..... and Kriedler is still in business (I think) and you can probably still get parts.

RE: carabela anyone?

i have a carebela and the history you read is correct. it is of italian design assembled in mexico. i have color brochures and copies of owners manual and service manuals if wanted.

RE: carabela anyone?

A fellow I know had a bike shop back in the moped era and carried Carabela. He told me they also made a three wheel model like Vespa's that was used for delivery service.


RE: carabela anyone?

Do you know if someone has some old ones for parts? i need some parts?

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I have a1974 Carabela with 423 orig. km it's not a moped but it's rarity.It runs verry well. I would like to know more about it or get some manuals and other related paper work or info. I think it is a 125cc but not to sure it has crome wheels and pipe it's green and silver. A friend of mine bought it from the original owner that had it stored in a barn outside of Callgary since 1975. I have owned it for 4 years and only started to ride it off road since I moved back to ONT. I would allso like an aproximate value if any one has any ideas

Thanks Shaky

RE: carabela anyone?

Paul Parkinson /

Do you still have this bike. I would be interested in a picture of the bike if that is possible.

I am currently writing the history of Carabela. I also have a collection of manuals and brochures. As well I am in teh process of remanfactuering a variety of Carabela parts.


Paul Parkinson

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