ciao tranny transplant. part II

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well, i got the bravos today.. they are actually in pretty nice shape (considering it was 2 identical blue bravos for 100$).. i begn the variator transplant on the Ciao about 2 hours ago. a couple thoughts / questions..

should i just use the whole real wheel from the bravo instead of just changing out the hub? my thinking is this: the bravo has a 16" wheel and the ciao has a 17" wheel.. wouldnt having a smaller rear wheel add to my low end on the ciao? i may end up swapping the hubs out anyways since the chrome on the bravo wheel is kinda in really bad shape... (the other bravo actually has a grande rear wheel for some reason.. and im fairly sure emily doesnt want a mag on the rear and a spoke wheel on the front).. any opinions?

also.. i took the cover off the rear hub.. the gears all appear to be in order and in good shape. there (thankfully) was fluid in it (which is now all over my pants, face and garage floor). if i were to switch out the hubs, how do i get the whole thing out? do i have to take the rear chain sprocket off the other side? it didnt seem to want to come out. alternately, could i just use the longer shaft from the bravo hub? or is the gearing different as well?

the variator and clutch hub (pulleys especially) were in pretty rough shape.. as was the inside of the clutch hub. very rusty and greasy. nasty. i used steel wool and about 2 gallons of Elbow Grease (tm).. they are now good to go.

any other info you all wanna add?? (aside from the lenghty last posts on this topic.. i can refer back to all that, of course)

i want to get this rolling tomorrow.. thanks!

(ps: if any of you need patrs fomr a Brave (especially frames??) i have lots of them now.. the things i will be keeping are the battery boxes / covers, headlights, one speedo cable, and maybe a few more isolated items. both the seats are in PERFECT shape and the bodies are very good, as well...)

oh! the other cool thing?? they BOTH had the original tool kits! with spark plug, tools, etc.. they were still wrapped in the foam with rubber bands around them! that rocks.

ok, im going to sleep now...


This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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