Ike trip to Florida

Ohio to Florida

I am very intrigued Ike

I couldn't do it for a number of months

But I agree, it would be the end all trip

Re: Ike trip to Florida

I once met a guy who had just got done traveling from Michigan to Florida and back on his moped. Apparently in Toledo on his way back home, somebody burnt his moped. They actually tipped it into a fire at a camp site or something.

He was crazy battle worn from the trip. I know that "The Moped Guys" are planning a trip from I think Maine to Florida this summer as well.


Re: Ike trip to Florida


I am planning on this trip for next summer! This will take some big time planning, so i want to have plenty of time!

I don`t want to rush into this one!!!

So, start thinking about it right now! I think this would be one to tell your Grandchildren about!!!

I hope it happens!!!

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