Decarbonizing muffler

Have a 78 Pinto Pony that we cant' get running (still). We've been told to decarbonize the exhaust. How do we do this and how do we take apart the muffler??? Thank you

RE: Decarbonizing muffler

This problem has already been discussed in the forum. Try searching it using the keyword "blowtorch" and tick all checkboxes in the request form. You'll find it.

RE: Decarbonizing muffler

Try using an old brake cable. First remove the muffler and tailpipe, then take an old brake cable frey the end and put the other end in a drill. Clean it out completely. Blowtorching will usually ruin the temper of the pipe. Too much heat concentrated in too small an area.

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RE: Decarbonizing muffler

great idea with the brake cable.. i always just burned it out.


RE: Decarbonizing muffler

im a little confused

could you elaborate a bit more??

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