Anybody else Find stuff too ?

I was coming home from work yesterday on my bike in bumper to bumper traffic, some kind of roadwork going on about a mile ahead.... I was tempted to squeeze by the shoulder or use the sidewalk, haha, but I behaved myself and

stayed behind the cages...

Anyway, since I had to go so slow , I looked over to the right and saw something shiney metal....there must have been 1000 cages riding past this and never seeing it... I picked it up and it was an expensive like 1 1/2 foot long metal adjustable wrench- and made in USA ! Wahoo ! ( didn't know they still made tools in USA :) I would have never spotted this in a cage...

So on the way home I had me a nice weapon to smack a chasing dog with or a good tool to adjust my back wheel , LOL.

You guys find stuff too while riding your mopeds,stuff that you would have never spotted if driving a cage ?

Re: Anybody else Find stuff too ?

InfectedBootSector /

I find all kinds of stuff. I live in coal country here in the mountains. While riding to school a few weeks ago on the bed, I saw something strange looking on a bank as I passed it... I looked closer, and it was an open mne shaft, all covered with weeds! Most of the shafts were destroyed here when strip mining became popular.... I'll have to get some pictures...

I've found money and a filet knife so far while out riding the country....

Re: Anybody else Find stuff too ?

Matt Wilson /

Stopped at a light on Wednesday I found a Palm Pilot. It had a couple of business cards in it with a phone number. I called the woman up, and she was so happy!


Re: Anybody else Find stuff too ?

Last week it was a Sears 3/8" rachet that had become imbedded face down in a tar joint strip between the concrete and blacktop at an intersection.

Friday someone threw out a mountain bike that is missing the inner tubes and the front derailleur is broken. When i get done with it I'll sell it for 25 bucks.

When people wonder why I pick up stuff like this, I ask them: If they saw a twenty dollar bill on the ground, would they pick it up?


Re: Anybody else Find stuff too ?

ha, yeah money's always good to find :)

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