Question about the sprockets on puch

Robert Bentzel /

Ive just bought a set of mag wheels for my 76 puch maxi 1.5 hp. When I received the wheels the rear sprocket was substantially different from the one that was on it before. The old sprocket will not fit on the new wheels. What are the most likely combinations for these types of set ups. Can i just replace the front sprocket and shorten the chain? What are the down sides of this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Re: Question about the sprockets on puch

Count the teeth on both of your rear sprockets. You will probably find 40 and 45. Using 45 gives more torque (hill climbing capability), but lower top speed. Using 40 gives less torque, but more top speed. You may not have to shorten or lengthen the chain as the wheel can move about an inch in the rear fork. If you have to shorten the chain, take out only one link. If you have to lengthen the chain, just add another master link.

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