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I have a 1974 Vespa Piaggio CIAO. I still can't get a spark. I need some help on finding out what wires attatch to where. I have a plug attatching to a ht lead coming off the ht coil. From the ht outer coil there are 2 wires? Where do these wires attatch? What attatches to my condensor? I need an explanations of what wires are needed to connect to what and what the points and condensor do and what they connect to, etc.



Re: 1974 Vespa Ciao Wiring

I have some wiring diagrams here. Do you have signals ? Does your ser. # start with C7NIT or C7EIT or C7V3T ? Do you have a moped that has had the wiring taken off ? bruce

Re: 1974 Vespa Ciao Wiring

Yes I have signals, but it is a different motor than the original in it. I have a bunch of diagrams, but because of the different motor they are basically useless. I need to know what wires connect to where ex: blinkers - coil ?...etc blu-coil....etc....

Thanks for the help though I appreciate it.


Re: 1974 Vespa Ciao Wiring

Thanks Bruce,

I replied earlier but It didnt seem to go through. I would like those diagrams if possible. I have an Aol name of Chrisalee85 if you can use aim, or email them. I have a different engine so I dont know how this will work, but anything is appreciated.



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