Road rash

I picked up a bad case today, I went around the right side of a bus that was turning left, I didnt see the car coming the other way that was turning left into me, so it was either a gravel sandwich or the sweet taste of chevy front bumper a la Rog.......I chose the former and as I was checkin for broken bones the girl got out of her car and said "you werent supposed to go around that bus" so I said "yeah I'm ok thanks" took about a pound of plastic off the snail, My arm got tattoed up nice (they say scars are tattoo's with better stories) and my right side is a might tender even as I write this, been up for about 20 hours when it happened , my reflexs were down, I should have been able to get out of it with no blood shed , I even scraped the top of my shoulder , and had to shake the gravel out of my underwear, good thing for helmets...ouch!

Re: Road rash

gimmyjimmy /


you got some bad luck, keep the flies off your road rash, you're gonna feel worse tomorrow, I bet there was more than gravel in your underwear.

damn snails, I mean buses, no, I mean chevys, whatever....

take two Jacks and tell us in the morning.

rest up Rog, hope you feel better,


Re: Road rash

Look on the bright side....hey, if you keep scraping pounds of plastic off your snail, you may end up with something that looks like a moped !

glad your not hurt....

I have to pass left-turning vehicles every day, I am nervous about the oncoming jerk every time !

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