this site is great

Chris Couillard /

me and my friend have been big fan of moped for a long time and it nice to read that were not the only nut who drive these crazy thing

i would have to say every moped site refers to this site in some way or another

that really cool

getting help on part and problems to trying to sell or buy a moped

simon has done a great job with this site and i would just like to thank him what a great job he did

thank you for the great site

Re: this site is great

your welcome. i'm glad you like it....there are a lot of helpful people that read and discuss things on this forum. they're the ones that make this work.


Re: this site is great

I could not agree more. Much thanks to Simon for putting this all together and to all of the serious mopeders who contribute so much meaningful information. Being still new to mopeds, I appreciate all the help I can get...Ken D

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