shaving your head????

Chris Couillard /

my friend and i shave his head down 30 thousands of an inch

it run great top speed on flat ground 45 - 50mph

he has an 88 razz

now to my question do you think we can get any more speed out of this bike

i ve been telling he nut for wanting to go faster than that but he want to see what the moped army had to say about it

oh ya he chop the exhuast and welded a small dirt bike muffler on

like i said he nut

well if you got any tips let me know thanks

Re: shaving your head????

I've had my dad take the head into work and he took off something like 5/1000 of an inch off. I don't know if it effected it that much, because it was before i got it.

Re: shaving your head????

They do make a 65cc bore kit for the razz and even with that you may hit 45mph if your lucky, so before you claim your speed, remember insurance companies also make claims, they to can take you for a fast ride!

Re: shaving your head????

flannelman /

no it all ready goes 45-50 were trying to get more from it though

Re: shaving your head????

InfectedBootSector /

Why do you want it to go fast, just out of curiosity? 50mph on something that small is pretty good, and you would probably only ride it somewhere where the speed limit is no more than 50 anyway.

haircuts vs. wind resistance

I thought this was a joke post about cutting your hair short for minimal wind resistance, then I read the posts.


Re: shaving your head????

flannelman /

well like i said my friend is a little nuts

we tring to get a 100mph (like that will ever happen )

were both old school hot rodders and think it fun to push the limit

on wh the motor can do

what i think the next step is NO2 plus it cheaper to hot rod a moped than a car by the way he has a 1970 nova with close to 500 horse power and i think he want his moped to do the same

Re: shaving your head????

snail chucker /

where do u find a 65cc bore kit 4 the razz,have never seen one,do u have a link??

Re: shaving your head????

Yea, the shop is called quik-fix cycles, the website is old so its better to call 808-593-7197 ask for frank. this is a taiwon bore + a less restictive exhaust pipe, i normally ship for him & get a discount cuz he is a personal friend of mine.

Re: haircuts vs. wind resistance

yeah, me too

I was thinking.... hey, if you wear a helmet , what does it matter how short your hair is cut ???

Then also I was thinking what a problem hair wind resistance might have been in the 70's when people sported

" natural Fro's etc, " Any little thing can slow down a moped you know....

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