puch maxi top end on A3 tomos bottom end?

chuck russo va /

i just sold my sprint to some guy and he was telling me how he was experminting with putting a puch maxi cylinder and piston on a tomos a3 bottom end , he said it fits fine but u need to cut the piston i didnt ask what head he was using.

he said the puch maxi cylinder flows alot better, im not sure if he has ran the motor yet but he said it all fits togather

Re: puch maxi top end on A3 tomos bottom end?

doesn't sound like a good idea to me.

Oh it's possible...

Reeperette /

Just isn't worth the trouble, cost, or hassle.

Someone measure a Puch Bore/Stroke against the Tomos 38mm/43mm and lemme know how close the match is, tho.....guess that'd tell us what kinda chance he's got of pullin it off.


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