Anyone got a pack-a-way moped I'd love to see it


Anyone out there

have you got a

picture of the

sweetest moped

the kind I'm

referring to is the


Please send any pictures you have

to my email or just talk to me

at the address shown

or post your reply

any good incite will be noted


Re: Folding motorbike

I bet if you search "all dates" for the word "Folding" and skim the results, you'll eventually find a picture of a folding motorbike, with an animated gif of a girl folding it up.

I posted it, so you could add "Wayne" to the search criteria in case "Folding" alone isn't enough.

Dont know nuthin about the "Pack-a-way"

Good Luck

Re: Anyone got a pack-a-way moped I'd love to see

Ron Brown /


Is it easier to ask on this forum than to type Pack-A-Way into Google?


Re: Anyone got a pack-a-way moped I'd love to see

Ron Brown /

btw, I expect my good incite to be noted.

Check the Web!

Ron, I totally agree-- It's funny how I work in a company full of computers all with internet access....Nobody thinks of using the net to find information.

People will come up and ask me: How do I convert Roman Numerals into Normal Digits?

So, I went to , typed in "Roman Numeral Converter" and found a dozen links to applets that do those conversions as easy as pie.

The person was amazed...and like "Errrr, why didn't I think of that?...."

I'm so used to checking the web first, it's a habit now.


Infoseek (gone downhill)



Dogpile (ok... not great)


Exite (not so hot)

Sherlock (apple specific)

Those are my most frequently used engines--- Hope it helps others locate info in the future...!

Re: Anyone got a pack-a-way moped I'd love to see

Dana Padgett /

Go to the photos section and look under Italjet.

Re: Thanks

Robert Hamilton /


Your guys have lots

of incite. Thanks for that

I really appriciate the


I found some great pictures

of Folding up mopeds


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