overheating TTLX

took my Tomos out today, ran great for awhile, then it started 2 bog really bad (like my scooter used to do) and the engine was HOT, like i could feel the heat on my legs, the plug tip was goin grayish, so i think it must be running lean. i have a stock jet (a #53) a biturbo pipe and "chopped" airbox, so im almost sure thats it. my question is, how much bigger of a jet should i order, i was thinkin 2 or 3 #s higher, (like a 55 or 56) do you think this will make it too rich and 4 stroke, or should i go even bigger than that?


Re: overheating TTLX

Matt Wilson /

Try doing a plug chop with a new plug before you order any more jets. Grayish sounds like an old, carbonized plug not a color from engine heat. New ones are only $2 so try before you buy a bunch of jets

Based on what I have in my puch and peugot it sounds like the jet size is on the small side. Also the heat on your legs isn't a good indicator of rich or lean, because even properly jetted engines get hot


Re: overheating TTLX

chuck russi va /

i have a 96 tomos ttlx with bi turbo and ported exhuast and a speed sproket i run a 58 jet in it

58 is a bit much so i am going back to a 56

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