torch a tailgater

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Shoot 20ft. flames out of your exhaust, here's how:

Also would work on those pesky dogs that chase you...

turn them into crispy critters

but I'm not advocating turning pedders into pyros.

Re: torch a tailgater

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Re: Model T coil

A Ford Model T ignition coil was the forst deice used to make one of these way back when.


Smoke and Fire

Does a moped put out enough unburned fuel to power one of those things? I'm also assuming you'd need an auxillary battery to power those coils.

If anyone does this... please let me know. I love this idea.

What would happen if you poured a bunch of oil into the exhaust by tipping the moped forward a little, and making sure a lot of oil drooled down to the hot spots near the manifold...--- as soon as you built up temp, would it begin to smoke like crazy?

Smokescreens and fire


Settle down, Beavis

Re: Smoke and Fire

I think a moped would blow up if you shot flames out of the exhaust pipe.

Re: W4 Diddly

Some place I read about hooking up a system to dump WD-40 into the exhaust manifold on a car for a smoke screen.

That's another use not listed on the can.

As far as a Model T coil goes, they work from 3 to 28 volts, AC or DC.


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