Needle in the hole ??

One more thing Matt

That is a Gurtner carb ??

There is one thing about those... that you have to be careful about.. (the float has the needle going thru it ?)

Here is the problem... in the bottom of the float bowl is the little 'pyramid' where the float needle sits in right ?... with a little hole that the needle goes into ?

How do you know you are getting the needle end down into that hole ?

You have to be very careful and play with it to be sure its in the hole... because the needle can very easily slide down the side of the pyramid.. since you can't see it... the only way you "know".. its in the hole is to wiggle the float up and down and side to side a few times... and watch very carefully 'how' it moves... thats the only way to tell...

if you don't get it in the hole... it is cocked a little bit sideways... and will not seal at the needle top..

Re: Needle in the hole ??

Matt Wilson /

This is my carb...It has a different airbox and the connection between the airbox and hte carb is different but everything else is the same

<)IMG src=""(>;

Fred I don't really know what you mean by a pyramid? But there is a small circular hole at the bottom of the bowl that the needle sits in. It could be getting stuck off to the side because the needle is a little bent.

As in the picture, the needle goes right through the float.

I think I like the bing and dellorto carbs better:)




Re: Needle in the hole ??

Matt Wilson /

<)IMG src=>


Re: Needle in the hole ??

i haven't had any problems with mine ever getting stopped up though... thats a good thing...

matt... i think thats all you rproblem is.. i've never had to align anything up or anything... your just must be bent.. If it is stright it will make the right seal and all.. just try and bend the neddle straight in a small vise... thats what I think i'd try.

have you tried this or already done this?

it must be just a lil off if it seals sometimes fine and someones not.. probly each time you give it gas with it being a litle of could cuase it to leak a little or to seal properly..

hehe.. gurtner's aren't all bad.. worst case you can buy one for 65 bucks and use your old air box. From the Warehouse.

Re: Needle in the hole ??

Matt Wilson /

I'm thinking that I may try and put a bing carb on there..more for shits and grins than anythign else.

Think it'll work? The both look like they have the same size manifold


Re: Needle in the hole ??


Yeah.. but what is the hole (in the bottom of the float chamber IN)... on the one I woeked on... that hole is in the center of a small 'pyramid' or 'cone'... and if you aren;t careful... the needle misses the hole and slides alongside the 'cone'... and you don't even know the difference if you aren't careful.

duck... has your ped ever even run ?

(maybe yours is misaligned also)

By the way... I have only ever worked on ONE Gurtner carb... maybe they changed them and the one I had was different.

(it would be a good idea if they changed it... its too easy to miss that hole)

By the way... none of those diagrams show the bottom of the float chamber.

Re: Needle in the hole ??

Matt Wilson /

Ouch.... I think thats a sensitve subject Fred

>>duck... has your ped ever even run ?

>>(maybe yours is misaligned also)

Yeah I knew that the diagram didn't show the bowl. I included it to show float and needle setup

My carb had the hole that the needle went into and has a raised lip around the outside of the hole. It looked like it would be hard to for the needle to miss the hole....unless the needle was mine


Re: Carburator Problems (Ron, Duck)

Ron Brown /


Check out the length of this thread for a float/needle problem.

A dope slap would be more in order. : )


Re: Carburator Problems (Ron, Duck)

yeah no shit.. lol

My ped Ran Awesome other then my tnak having a whole in it.

Fred trying to gang up on me eh? thats all right..

And the picture you looking at is fomr a 102.. it may be a lil diffrn'et hten the 103.. but I don't think so.

Now once agian OUCH fred that was kinda a low blow.

My ped ran pretty damn good and would be running awesome right now I'f I could get a hold of a new clutch cable

and throtle. STICKS TONGUE OUT MEANIE HEAD.. he said he fixed the problem 10 posts ago when I said good job run.. after he said THANKS PROBLEM IS FIXED



Re: Carburator Problems (Ron, Duck)

Matt Wilson /


I've been kind of fed up with this gurtner carb and needle. Sometimes it works and sometimes it sticks and floods the engine.

So I was poking around on today and say a great deal. for 60 Euros

<IMG src="">;

I should solve the problems that I've been having... and plus it is a 15mm carb a lot bigger than the stock 12mm one.

I was just going to order a new float and smaller jets, but I couldn't even read the jet size because the flathead srew slot cut right across it. So I figured I'd need at least 6 jets to get it right and a new float and needle. So I got the kit. It comes with an airbox too! Its tiny and stuck on the back of the carb. Its so cute...

I also got a leovinci exhaust... this is only one of two available models for the 103, but its only 40 euros so I can't conplain

<IMG src="">;

After I get it working right I plan to do the variator mod if possible. Has anyone done it on a variator other than a honda?



Re: Carburator Problems (Ron, Duck)

Matt Wilson /

<IMG src="">;

It came with a manifold and reeds too!

<IMG src="">;

Re: Carburator Problems (Ron, Duck)

matt your link didn't work.. can you email it to me..

I was wanting to get a new exhuast and upgrade carbs as well... 40 euro's sounds cheap... (just sounds cheap i have no idea of the exchange rates) Do they offer one for the 102.. I would guess they are probly the same... But maybe not the 102 doesn't have reed valve and has a differn't air box.. sorta.. but what about the motor and things.. I don't know if any of that is the same.

I'd love to go to a 60.. morons around here would never know the diffrence and might prolong me from getting a 125 motorcycle.

I never got the passport c70.. just needed to much dang work.. and frankly it was ugly as hell.. but the idea for more power hasnt left me.. I was thinking i would hav to go to a small motorcycle.. becuase I have yet to see a good deal on anything puegeot related.

thanks matt... drop me that url please!

Re: Carburator Problems (Ron, Duck)

Matt Wilson /


I tried again and the pictures should appear in the message... but if they don't the links to the pictures are above. To actually see the part and description go to tuning parts...then 103...then the part you want

...they had 50,60,65, and 70cc kits for a 103... I think the 103 and 102 have the same engine...

You can even get a liquid cooled 50cc kit for 300 euros.

Also to get prices in dollars mutiply by .9. The shipping is 30 euros but it arrives in 5-7 days. Not bad!

The only problem with them is you have to fax a copy of your credit card.. a pain

I'll let you know when I get the parts


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