Hints on Unclogging an exhaust? Heat? Kerosene?

I need my exhaust unclogged

please help

Re: Hints on Unclogging an exhaust? Heat? Kerosen

buy new exhaust

silly answer chris

You don't need to buy a new one... service manuals even recommend "burning it out".

There are 3 ways to unclog an exhaust.

Some guys just take it off and pour gas into it and set it on fire outdoors... (I don't think this is the best way... but its the easiest)

Set it into the hot coals of a campfire... (see "Freds guide" under "resources... "articles"... above)

Get somebody with an oxy-acetylene torch to heat it up 'orange hot' and burn it out...

The last two ways are the best.

Re: silly answer chris

hey my way was the easiest i burned myself tring clean my exhaust

Re: silly answer chris

well i just went down to my local car dealership and got a thing called "combustion chamber cleaner" worked wonders i just sprayed it in there let it set awhile and shook it out

this stuff is the best ever for cleaning carbon out of the motor/carb/anything

and it was only like 10$

seriously try this easy!

Re: silly answer chris

Mike (MA) /

Propane won't work too well; I tried it. When you put the propane torch tip into the pipe, it's starved of oxygen, so you can pretty much only clean the closest edges of the pipe. I guess that's why acetalene works better.

Also, expect the chrome to get all blued and discolored.

GOod luck,

Mike in Boston

Re: silly answer chris

david f martin /

Please don't cut it.

the Muffler Mangler

Re: silly answer chris


I went to pick up my other QT-50 and it was missing a battery, so I had to leave it at the shop-- get some electrical work done on it.

I didn't want to mess with it-- electrical problems.... Let them get it going for me...

The other one is running great-- can't find ANY performance parts anwhere though

Hey Dave---!

Your expert "Muffler Mangling" gives me great ideas for a "rat bike"

Once I get a cheap moped that barely runs, I'd like to put an explosive inside the muffler.... so it looks like it's been exploded from the inside out. That would be a LOT of noise, and would look like the moped had such a powerful backfire that the muffler blew apart.

Dumb idea, but silly.

"...Dude.... what happened to your exhaust?"

"The NOS kit malfunctioned.....almost blew up my leg while doing 70....."

Re: silly answer chris

Don't put the torch inside the pipe- just heat the outside, and the crap inside will burn off, leaving a lot o' smoke. I used a MAPP gas torch, but I'd bet that propane might heat the outside enough. After I was done, I banged the muffler end doen onto the pavement, and a bunch of crud came out. It does blue the chrome, but I didn't care.

Re: silly answer chris

Hi Fred, I took 2 exhaust to the local radiator shop and they stuck it in the radiator vat (cleaner) over night then flushed with high pressure, they look like new now, only charged me $5.00 Same stuff they use on engines, didn`t mess the chrome, But if any part of it is alluminum it will eat it up, so far I haven`t saw any in an exhaust. Doug D.

Re: Hey Dave---!

david f martin /

I heard about this chick that tried to blow up a moped muffler, but all she did was burn her lips on the tailpipe...


Re: Hey Dave---!

Sorry to get back on the subject of cleaning mufflers, but, in general terms, how often should this be done?...Ken D

Re: Hints on Unclogging an exhaust? Heat? Kerosen

you can attack a small fishing line weight to a small gauge wire.. and slid it down the exhust tube.. and work it back and forth to break up some of the built up carbon.. then I would suggest takeing a small rag on the end of the wire and pulling it through the pipe several times. Once you have no more nasty comming out... or if there is still a huge amount i would actualy pour carb cleaner form a vat.. aka kerosene and let it soak in.. then repeast the process..

I don't like the idea of heating it up.. the carbons already been baked on everytime you ride it.

and eventualy your going to have to do some scrapeing and shaking anyways. on puegeots the pipe has an aliminum casing that will actualy bend and warp and is very toxic/ If you exhuast is aluminum I would drink a carton of milk first just as we were taught to do when wleding aluminum and wear a mask.... or do my way and don't heat it.

Re: Hey Dave---!

As often as it is clogged lol

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