First of all I would like to thank both Ron and Mike for helping me out with the question on my 78 Columbia commuter. I had some problems with my computer so I could not get on line for a few days. Anyway I have 5 wires coming out of the magneto assembly. Blue, Grey, Yellow, Green, and Green w/Black stripe. I have a Bosh magneto labeled 6V 22-5/10W. Even though the wire diagram was for a three-wire setup, it was very helpful, thanks Mike. I at least have a general idea on how the whole ped was wired. I ohmed out the blue wire and it read zero with the points closed. I thought cool…Thanks Ron, great idea!

From there, I wired the coil and rigged a cable for the clutch.

After welding and re-tapping one pedal shaft, I spun the pedals and guess what?


I realized that I still had a long way to go but even so, it was a good day.

I now have compression and spark.

I tore the whole ped apart again so that I could deal with the rust in the tank and give the whole frame a new coat of paint. After stripping off four coats of crappy paint I found a factory yellow. I’m partial to red..So red it will be.

I would like to eventually wire up some lights so I would be very grateful if anyone out there could give me an idea on how to deal with the other four wires from the magneto.

Well I’m outta here. I need to get back to resurrecting this ped. Thanks again!

Big Jazz

Re: Wiring

I have a parts motor that has five wires, and annother that has four. The one I have in my runner is 3. I guess that's why it's always a little hard to get everything running right.

The two parts motors have totally diffrent bosch set ups, and the running one is a monoplat. On most of them the blue goes to the coil, and there is a black for the ground.

I have a feeling that the grey maby might be for the lights yellow for the horn, and the greens are grounds for each of these circuts. You may have to check with your volt-meeter, starting with high ac voltage, and stepping down your range untill you get a reading, or at least a blip on the screen.

Post any of your findings, it'll help the next guy.

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