What moped should I get?

Hey everyone,

I'm really new to the moped world and need some help deciding what kind of moped to buy. I'd also like to know which brands are good or bad, and what features would be helpful to me. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot,


Re: What moped should I get?

My advice?.... Get whatever's cheeeep... Find one locally that doesn't run and do a little fixup... and off you go.

They can be had for free sometimes.

(but it also helps a lot if you know how to fix things)

One more source ?... Police auctions of confiscated stuff.

(call the cops and ask them when it is)

Re: What moped should I get?

hey shawn...glad 2 hear your lookin 4 a ped. you should get a puch or a tomos. those are reliable mopeds. but iv never seen a inexpensive tomos. you should leave a post in the buy/sell forum 2. you can probly find a good ped in your area. also look in local ads, or on ebay. theres always alotta mopeds on ebay


Re: What moped should I get?


If you a looking for a true moped (with pedals) I cant help.

I recommend a Honda Express. There are always tons of parts for them on eBay. and I have found both of my 1982 Express' to be very easy to repair, and mainly trouble free.


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