Hey, I have a problem, I changed my transmission fluid on my tomos and when I drained out the fluid, I tried to take the cover off but one screw was stripped so I decided to forget it and put the screws back in, and filled it up, now its leaking alot, not fast but over a night its a lot, and how do I fill it up till its up to the fill hole????? I'm not sure about tomos' cuz I have a batavus so I know mine good not this one...what is up?? I think its missing some screws for the clutch cover? but im not sure cuz this is my friends moped

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come on some one help me out here

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how bad is it strip

how mant screw are you missing

can you take the stripped screw out

cause there are many different way you can fix it depending on how bad it is email me and i ll try to help you the best i can

did you take the cover off completely

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You'd get a lot more response to problems if you used a subject that a short and clear summary of what to expect inside of your message. I'm guessing that most people skipped over your post because of the subject.


Leaking Tomos Transmission

There you go-- -Now, maybe one of the tomos experts will post what you need.

Always include something in the subject, as simon mentioned.

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Exactly....Noone is going to bother reading a post from someone they don't know, with a topic of "crap". It sounded scarey to me, so I just stayed away.

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well i thought it was a good subject

because when i break stuff on my moped there alot more colorful word i would use

plus you kind of have to have to feel sorry for the guy he mess up some one else moped

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Ron Brown /


I'm with you. I read it and decided that anyony looking at the ped could answer all of those problems, except maybe the stripped screw. I could not figure out what he wanted.


Re: Leaking Tomos Transmission

Reeperette /

First off, why were you removing that cover at all ? was it another problem ?

To fix the leak, you are probably going to have to get that cover off, somehow.

Now "stripped" ? do you mean the THREADS are stripped ?

Or did you run into those damn be-cursed no-account bastard Hex-head bolts ?

So, is the threads stripped, or just the top of the bolt ?

My reccommendation is to get that cover off even if you have to pay someone else to do it, then take one of those evil-damn-hex-heads to the local hardware store and have them give you FLAT HEAD machine bolts with the same thread and depth, so you don't have that problem any more.

Also it's likely that the paper gasket in there might be torn, or why not replace it while yer at it.

If the threads are stripped too, you'll have to re-tap and put a slightly larger bolt in there, is all.

And once you put it back together, fill it up with 220cc's of either Dexron III ATF (Targa) or 10w30 (Bullet), and there you go.

It really does help if I get a comprehensive description, and if you wanna guarantee I at least look at the thread, mention Tomos in the subject line.

Best of luck,


Re: Leaking Tomos Transmission

Just the top of the bolt is stripped, is there was to get it out? Also could it just be leaking cuz i over filled it? How high are u supposed to fill it, when I checked the check screw it was still filled up till it, and It hasn't leaked yet, I filled it all the way to the top of the fill screw.

Re: Leaking Tomos Transmission

look over what everyone else posted. did you take of the transmission cover? if not, and it didn't leak before, start from there. if you took the cover off, and now it leaks, then you may have assembled it incorrectly. check the paper gasket and be sure all the seals are tight tight tight. you can replace the screw you mentioned easily enough, if you can get it to come out (i'm sure someone can give you directions on how to do that). good luck.

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Crisis wrote:


> Exactly....Noone is going to bother reading a post from

> someone they don't know, with a topic of "crap". It sounded

> scarey to me, so I just stayed away.

until now!


No I didnt take the cover off because the screw was stripped, this screw is on the bottom of the cover, and this is where its leaking, the funny thing is theres supposed to be 3 on the bottom and it was missing one so I moved one from the top to the bottom and now its leaking where I put that screw WTF!!!! I don't get it!!!!!!! How can I get the stripped screw out (the head is stripped not the threads)

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